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Thanks for Helping me earn more money by Concrete mixer pump

2016-08-29 12:00:37

From one of our Clients:

By occasionally,we have encounter concrete pump manufacturer of Changsha Linuo Machinery,and take comprehensive knowledgeable understanding for it which is sort of county infrastructural construction designated,their maximum reach vertical distance 70m,horizontal one 200m,Max output 10m3/h,transported by seamless pipe as highly secure and safety,we have purchased one with my comrades

After that,the after-service engineer have lived with us in few days,and taught me how to maintain and manipulate,now I almost fully understand the process and easy to solve all problems

For the layer issue,15 and 16 floors can be easily done,1000 metric capacity could be finished within 1 day,by the way,the concrete pump mixer machine is more cost-effective than concrete mounted truck,For price issue the concrete project is 10Yuan/m3 as market price as now-day,when I finish my job with high efficiency